So you were curious about where I’m off to eh? Well you came to the right place. 

For the next 13 months I will be documenting my travels across the world from Scotland to New Zealand, sharing what I’m doing at the time and how things are going. Come back to this blog weekly - if not daily - for exciting updates and new surprises as they unfold. First off i will be in Scotland from May 2 to May 26 and then headed to New Zealand for the remainder of my trip.

I know, I know. I’m late with my blogs. I have this thing called perfectionism where I feel I need to make sure everything is absolutely 100% before I publish it because god forbid I actually make a mistake. So here is a two-fer just for those who want to get a head start on reading!


May 5 – May 8

This mercury retrograde is kicking my ass. So far I felt like everything was going rather smoothly but in hindsight it has been a bit of a disaster. Mercury, sandwiched between two eclipses has been packing a punch. Either way, I’ve kept my cool and its been paying off.

The words seem to be coming to me before I even think or process them. This mercury line is incredible for writers. No wonder JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter here, not just because of her background but this city really seem to inspire those who visit here. Its magical yet stoic presence is unparalleled. And yes I would like to acknowledge that Rowling is not in a good position right now but after experiencing one of the tours based on Harry Potter and her work in Edinburgh crafting this series, I learned a lot about her character as she shaped this world. The tour guide was an avid Hufflepuff who also supports the LGBTQ+ community and shared her thoughts which made a lot of sense to me. Either way, I appreciate the boost of clarity associated with this planet that I have been experiencing in every aspect of my travels so far. I specifically remember when I last visited London I felt the same pull to write and had a thought just like this that ‘I need to write’ but was unable to as the group of 80+ people on our Europe Trip detracted from my efforts to do so. Now I can freely do as I please and it feels wonderful. Currently (May 8) I am sitting on the outdoor dining area at Ox and Finch, an upscale Scottish restaurant facing the sun on this semi quiet street. 


Edinburgh was quiet and reserved other than its night life in pockets but Glasgow came in loud and proud as soon as I stepped off the platform. Two perfectly similar yet completely different cities.


Spiritually, there has been quite a lot. I’ll start backwards from what I remember today (May 8) to last Wednesday. Other than the usual signs I have been seeing an massive uptick in angel numbers. Almost as many as before I left which was quite a lot, very consistently over the past two months which was my indication to continue on my journey. Before I arrived I half-expected to lose these abilities like they would just disappear now that I am on a different continent but this was not the case. I feel closer to myself than ever before because there is no more distractions of others to steer me in their direction of thought by opinion. It all lies on me. The exhilaration I get from having to just simply choose what I want to do for myself without having to weigh in other’s opinions has been such a welcoming feeling.

A prime example of this is from before I left. Mind you I was still at home with family but I remember I had a nap, the first one that entire 2-week span I couldn’t get very good sleep and my grandparents decided we would play crib. I was honestly so out of it from the nap - you know the good ones where you don’t know what year it is and there is marks on your face and perspiration dropping beads of sweat on your forehead? That one. Anyhow I was in this state where I was more so connected to spirit because I hadn’t fully come to consciousness yet. As we played I blindly let my intuition tell me what to play, ultimately winning the game despite hardly remembering how to play. I was not in a state of counting 15-2, 15-4 and all that so Grandpa had to help. But it goes to show what listening to yourself can do it small or big ways. The more you trust yourself with small decisions the easier the bigger ones get and all the sudden don’t look so big anymore.

Now back to today… It’s Saturday and much of Glasgow as soon as I got there in the early afternoon was bustling with activity. There were people everywhere! And a lot less room to spread out compared to Edinburgh. But that is alright as I heard there was a loud band playing in the distance and some people were even wearing slickers to cover their outfits which indicated the event had been going on. I was waiting for my first bus at the bus stop for about 10 minutes when this older man came up to me and asked if I was waiting for it. I said yes and he told me that there was a temporary stop just up ahead that I had not seen. I was grateful for his help. Eventually a bus numbered 22 came and picked up the man. He sat at a window on the first floor of the double decker and smiled/waved at me. I gave a big smile and large nod of appreciation. What was beautiful about this moment was not only the gesture of human decency but also a connection I felt - one from Spirit who sent that man to help ease my travels. This truly made me tear up. Shortly after, my bus arrived.

Spirit works in mysterious ways, one of which is through other people. I feel that I was also working on spirit’s behalf after I walked in the wrong direction for 20 minutes trying to get to my hostel when I passed this one bar. It was slightly lower than ground level with floor length windows showing all the people partying inside. There was a large group gathered around a couch and I was walking by. I liked the beat of the music so I started to do a little dance, making eye contact with one of the ladies there. They laughed and before I knew it I was walking away with a smile plastered on my face too. It felt good to be me without worrying what others think. I don’t know if Spirit sent me there to lift up that gal’s feelings but I had a feeling it might be in hind-sight because I had no business being there but was when needed.

This is my third hostel and I must admit I’m getting a bit tired of moving so much. Thankfully I will be here another day before setting off on my 3 day tour of the Isle of Sky and many more Highlander locations. And for those asking no I have not met any Jamie Fraser like men yet but am open to it. Haha

I feel that in the country, people often dissuade others from pursuing risks such as travel as the comfort and safety of nothingness in the form of same town, same everything are the worst but I also understand the cocoon. Despite what others say, follow what is in your heart. Even if you don’t understand it that second, your higherself (the one who speaks to you though gut feelings and intuitive hits) 


People view this act of travel as bravery. I see it as such a natural process as breathing. It just felt right to finally leave after so long of staying at home. I know I complained a lot along the way which is one of the things I am planning on improving as time goes on to show appreciation for what has happened in my life so. 

Tips for travel: 

  • Always take the time to understand the transport systems in place. It will save you so much time and often money in the long run.
  • Have systems in place before you go. What I mean by this is to create structures that hold you when life gets a little turbulent. As someone who has really had to work at building these foundations they have paid off tenfold. It relieves you mentally of the stress that can build up when nothing is already set in place. This goes for regular every day life as well. Having these to fall back on is a true testament to your success both present and future trust me.  For myself, these systems are a bit more unconventional as I tend to flow with life… until I don’t. #TaurusMoon #TaurusRising things. Even if you aren’t organized or don’t identify yourself as one, it is beneficial to have these to lean on in times of stress.
  • Know you will never been fully prepared for what is presented to you. That’s the fun game you play when travelling especially during a pandemic. 
  • invest in good foot ware and good tech such as a power bank. Both will save you so much pain in the long run. I bought this at any shoe warehouse and this 
  • Limit distractions. This may come in the form of friends or family checking in constantly, people in the streets either walking, biking or talking, etc. or even your phone. It can be a wonderful safety net for those moments where you don’t want to interact with others in odd situations but don’t let this deter you from being open to others. They may hold important information or are good about learning the culture. Meeting new people is a staple to travelling solo. Get comfortable with pushing yourself to talk to others. It absolutely pays off in the end. Thankfully I already went through this sort of initiation at post secondary as journalism is closely tied to interacting with new people often but if this isn’t you, don’t worry. Just know that people are often nicer than you think. Listen to your initiation if it is safe to interact or not. 
  • Keep your wits about you. Always have your peripherals on when out and about. You never know who may be watching. A good way to pay attention is to look people in the eyes. It shows you are alert and less of a target, not that that is their intention.
  • When packing check what you put in and then cut it. You don’t need half of what you will end up using. Stick to your basics you can use day in and day out.

I’ll keep adding to this list of travel tips as I feel called to. Same with the list of affirmations below!


There is no where I need to be 

There is nothing I need to do

I can exist in this moment as is

I am worthy of all the wonderful experiences coming my way

I am a light for others 

I seek out those who seek out me

I am love 

I am powerful

I am woman