Working with what you got and how to do it

Have you ever been faced with a scene, building, or background where you get absolutely zero inspiration from?

I've been there. It's tough. You have your client waiting for you to work your magic and time constraints before you head to your next job. So what do you do?

  1. Get shooting.

I know it seems like a simple thing but even just starting to get into the groove of taking photos and positioning your client works wonders. It gets you in the mindset you need to be in to make your backdrop the best it can be to flatter your client.

2: Change backgrounds.

Another simple yet effective way to get the background to work in your favour is to move elsewhere. Find the best possible spot in the room or outside and stick with it until it doesn't seem to work anymore. The beauty about portraiture is that you don't always necessarily need a large or even pleasant background as you can focus intently o on your client.

3: Bring your own equipment.

One way to alter a background is by changing it up completely. Bring canvases, wall paper, stands, blankets, etc. Any of them will work. And if you can't hang any of it up, use the floor and get ground images.

Photography is always about thinking outside the box. Use it to your advantage,

Hope this helped you in your adventure of learning the art of photography!

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