About Me

“I grew up on a grain farm near Drumheller, Alberta with an eye for the beautiful and uncharted. Living in such a unique and diverse area has helped me become the photographer I am today.

After graduating high school, I attended SAIT in Calgary for two years, completing my diploma in Journalism. I graduated with high honours and majored in photojournalism, a select program only 16 people are entered into each year.

Since my time at SAIT, I have worked for The Drumheller Mail. In June of 2018, I joined the East Central Alberta Review team gaining invaluable experience in the field as their main Multimedia Journalist. We cover a massive chunk of East Central Alberta. This job has allowed me to explore so many fascinating stories hidden in the depths of the prairie soil our ancestors used to thrive and build on.

In May 2019, I was awarded Alberta Weekly Newspaper Association (AWNA) Canada's Energy Citizens Photographic Awards Sports Action – First Place as well as first for the same sports action image nationally with the Canadian Community Newspaper Association (CCNA). In June 2020, I won second for a new AWNA sports action photo.

Ranging in many areas of expertise, I have been published by The Press, The Weal, and The Three Hills Capital publications in my short two years of attending school at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). This was where I majored in Photojournalism, the skillset needed to make an interesting image in any situation.

Through Instagram, I have been involved with Agriculture More Than Ever, starring as one of their pilot project Instagram ambassadors.

In my spare time, I am currently working on a personal project called 'Women in Ag', focusing solely on women of any age and background who have paved the way in the agriculture industry across Western Canada. This project's intent is to shed a light on the strong, level-headed women of this day and age and how they are progressively creating a stronger agricultural community.”