Women In Agriculture

Many great photographers have a personal project. I was prompted to create one while in post secondary and it just stuck. #W4WomenInAg is my personal project focused on women thriving in the agriculture industry by changing the stereotypical mindset of what the modern day farmer looks like. Check out my instagram and facebook for the latest featured ladies!

Want to be apart of the #w4womeninag program?

What is the Women in Agriculture Project?

How it works:

- Tell me a bit about yourself. This includes where you are based out of, how you are involved in agriculture and what your personal style is.
- We set up a time and date (Any season is fine)
- I travel to your destination of choice (On the farm or at work or wherever, endless locations)
- The session can be as long or as short as you’d like it to be
- You can join me in my new podcast called the Empaths in AgPodcast to talk about anything and everything

Why would you want to join?

  • You want to learn to feel comfortable in front of the camera
  • You find value in a high quality, professional person who has education and experience in the field
  • Images can be used for personal promotional pieces on social media
  • Dress however you like! What you feel most comfortable in is what matters
  • Each individual gets between 35 and 50 images for use
  • Be a podcast guest on my show - The Empaths in Ag Podcast!
  • Must be from Western Canada (BC, AB, SK)

Join the growing number of ladies joining this collective! Embrace your story.

Women are stronger and even more badass together 💪